New Orders Delayed!!

Hi! I am out of the country until May 20th doing shows in Osaka Japan.


However orders wont be fulfilled until I get back in the USA.


... the vinyl record art

Lost Life On Wax is my vinyl record art. ( my name is Able by the way )

It is my street, nature, oddity, travel, black and white photography that has been imposed onto recycled Vinyl Records.

This is my unique spin on vinyl record art.


Much love and passion go into the making of these vinyls.

I carefully handcraft them and since I am just one dude it makes these vinyls pretty rare.

I try to keep the vinyl record art pieces very affordable and so I keep them all the same price, 30 bucks. I try to make sure if somebody wants one of these they are able to get their hands on one so even broke collage kids can grab ’em 😉

What do you do with them?

Most people hang the vinyl record art on the wall by putting a thump tack in the middle or slapping some command strips on the back ( they look rad above a record player ).

In addition the vinyls are often framed, put on plate stands and get turned into clocks.

Sometimes the vinyls even end up on a record players when nothing is getting spun, just because it looks cool.

Display them any way! Let your imagination run wild!

Did your ruin a Beatles Record??!!

I DO NOT cover up records by artists! 

Further, these records are upcycled, recycled, repurposed… not sure the correct term but it’s mostly stuff like Readers Digest “Love Is Forever” and silly sides like that.

Most noteworthy they are LP s that would end up in the trash probably if I didn’t make record art out of them.

As a result the record art is quite "green."

Regardless of my opinion about someones music I wont cover up any artists musical works.

Have any pictures taken in my city?


The photography on my vinyl art comes from 5 years of touring with my music.

I will often end up in very culturally rich parts of town brimming with music and art.

As a result I am in a unique position to take cool photos. Also when I am not bopping from city to city I post up in New York or LA depending on the time of year.

How do you make the records if your always traveling??

I do all this traveling.. coast to coast in my dope mobile workshop… my lil Toyota camper.

I make all of the vinyl record art out of here. Therefore I can keep stock up and make new vinyls quickly.

You can check out a little story about that here.. its called a Toyota Sunrader.

I can let you know when me and Toyotasaurus-Rex are in town!

If you want you can drop your email in here and ill email you if I have a show in your neck of the woods…

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Where should I start?

The portfolio can be a bit overwhelming. I have over 100 different records at the moments and way more on the way.

So to try to combat this I have compiled a bit more of a detailed explanation below of the different categories

Street Photography & Band Photography

If you think you might be interested a record with a performer on it try checking out the Street Photography or the Musician Section. This is the more popular theme.

Further, this is where it all started. I was often taking pictures of street performers and musicians I would play shows with.

These kids are grinding it out trying to make something happen and so I thought putting them on a vinyl would be a great place to shine the spotlight.. It would be to easy to put the Beatles on here.

Pop Culture Art

If your interested in Pop-Culture Art like movie characters and such I have a way I’ve incorporated that.

I have photographs of the inside of Pinball Machines and toys in the real world. Its quirky but fun.

Dope Art For The Recording Studio

The section titled GEAR was started by my fascination with guitar pedals.

In fact, instead of saving for my future, I tend to spend most of the record art money I make on guitar pedals and other various things that make cool noise.

Video Stories on Instagram...

In addition the GEAR section is a good spot to find photos to hang up in music rooms, recording studios and jam spaces.

Things like blown speakers, dope music gear, broken circuit boards and vintage record players are a couple examples of what you might find in here.

Skulls & Bones

The BONES section is just that… picture of bones. I visit fossil museums a lot which is a good chunk of this section.. therefore fossils on records became a thing I do.

Makes no sense but looks cool right? Yes those bones where somebody… or something at one point.

Also in this section are photos of a life-size ( real looking ) skeleton named Brando… . I talk more about who Brando is in this Instagram post…

About the Vinyl Record art ...

I try very much to capture and evoke certain feelings and emotions through my photography.

As a result my work is very unexpected and different than most vinyl art. Further I try to empower some people and moments that might normally be overlooked.


Often scenes of struggling, passion, eeriness and bad-ass-ness are presented.

In addition most of the vinyl artwork has a very urban and underground overtone.



also sometimes I catch kids wiping out on skateboards…

The End

In conclusion, thanks for looking! If you dig the work I hope you find some that speaks to you!

Lastly, If you grab any of the work be sure to tag me so I can see them hanging up!



Thanks so much for your support and for supporting handmade art and craftsmanship!



Thanks for supporting original ideas therefore helping them grow!



All the Best