An Image of some nature wall art  showing a creek in the forest

nature wall art: Secret Creek [ on a VINYL RECORD ] #38

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Secret Creek

nature wall art

This was a spot I would often go to clear my head.

It was a creek buried in the woods down the street from where I grew up.

Always hung onto this picture and finally decided to put it on a vinyl.

Never saw another soul hear aside from a few squirrels and birds.

I think it was my secret spot.


It has a very tranquil calming quality to it despite the frigid cold and leafless trees.

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About the Image - nature wall art

Description of the lighting in the nature wall art

Natural Light from the Cloudy Sky

An image that shows the detail on the ground and the leaves and In in the lake on the Wall decor

The Sharpness on the Ground

Hey look at the record groups that show clearly through the water in the creek in this nature wall art

The Grooves in the Creak

A close-up of the eeriness in the sky that protrudes in this nature wall art

Eeriness in the Sky

Pop-Culture Art with an Urban Feel

  • The abundance of mid tones create very sharp detail within the treason along the creek
  • The creek is very calming and tranquil nature wall art
  • Hang them on your wall using command strips or use bookends to stand them up
  • The presentation is very minimalist and modern and not something you see everyday
  • The flipside can play music odd things like and Italian opera an old romantic songs it will be a surprise it could be anything
  • It's green artwork made from recycled materials
  • This is a very unexpected gift it's not every day you see a creek in the woods on a vinyl record
  • The circular design stands out on any wall
  • It's great for the environment to support recycled art
  • Due to its unique size it can fit in on places like above windowsills and in doorways
  • The records on your wall will not go unnoticed
  • The record is a standard 12 inches in size



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