Nature painting docks on Lake at sunrise

nature paintings: Docks on Mirror Lake [ on a VINYL RECORD ] #10

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The Dock on Mirror Lake

nature paintings

Friend of mine was getting married and I had the idea for a bachelor party for all of the guys to get a cabin on mirror Lake and hangout for the weekend

Most of the days were pretty bad weather except for the last

On this day I ended up awake very early, about 5am, made my way out to the dock to strum my guitar watch the sunrise

A few moments later, with a similar idea, my buddy walked out on the dock with a cigarette in his mouth and a beer in his hand


I'm not sure if he just hadn't slept or woke up at this ungodly hour and cracked open a beer either way he was a legend

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Things to notice - nature paintings

A look at the sunrise of these nature paintings

The brightness from the sunrise

Close look at the detail in the dock and ripples in the water

The grain in the weathered dock

A look at how the darkness of the water ripples with grooves

The lake ripples and grooves

The elements of This photo that carry The most emotion

Watching the sunrise

A very calming space

  • Extremely vivid detail emphasizes the water in the docks in this art
  • Fits well with and stands out among other nature artwork
  • Use command strips or record frames and hang them on your wall.
  • Very natural feeling minimalist artwork for a modern space
  • The b-side plays silly things like readers digest romantic music or maybe Christmas jingles.. its a surprise what horrible sounds will come off this disc.
  • Upcycled materials make the artwork Green!
  • Unexpected gift. They could never anticipate this. Its completely original
  • Different origonal circular photo thats stands out anywhere
  • reprposed art is great for the environment. Feel good about your new art.
  • Due to its small 12 inch size its fits almost anywhere.
  • People are going to notice. This is very different and unique art.
  • Regular 12in size



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