Music themed gift depicting a Fender Guitar player on stage in black and white.

music themed gifts: Fender Guitar [ on a VINYL RECORD ] #18

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Dark Stage Fender

music themed gifts

The very dark lighting lent it self well to my process

The light tended to shine off what mattered the most.

The Frontman, Fender Guitar, Amps and Drums

Also some cool pedals kicking around on the floor.

Overall rocking dive bar show



| u n d e r g r o u n d m u s i c | #undergroundmusic #diy #streetphotography #documentinglife #monoart #counterculture Pictures on Vinyl Records They actually exist You can get'em w/ bio link My Upcoming Appearances Oct 21 Brooklyn, NY Artists & Fleas @artistsandfleas #artistsandfleas Oct 22 Boston, MA SOWA @sowaboston #sowa Links Etsy Bandcamp Website the music is on Spotify and iTunes and S#*t @ablethought Lost Life On Wax is the Vinyl Art Forever On Tour is the tour Vlog Able Thought is me #streetphoto #streetphotographer #streetphotographers #streetphotography_bw #streetphoto_bw #streetlife_award #streetbwcolor #helloicp #hikaricreative #wearethestreet #elephantgun #beststreets #everybodystreet #magnumphotos #gettyimages #documentaryphotography

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Some Things To Take a Peek At - music themed gifts

Looking at the lighting of the music themed artwork

The Lighting Shows all the Cool Gear

Zoomed in on the music performer playing the fender onstage on this music themed gifts

The Performer is very Detailed

The left side of this music themed art is completely in shadows

The Left Side is all Shadows

A look at all of the vintage music gear that paints a rock'n roll picture on this music themed gifts

Rock'n roll

Pop-Culture Art with an Urban Feel

  • All the shadows in the image show clearly that this is a record with a photograph on it
  • You can always add to collection there are many records with performers on them you record wall can grow and shrink as needed
  • You can frame them them on book ends or use command strips to hang them up
  • A very minimalist presentation and very modern
  • The flipside will be a surprise! Maybe some golden oldies or readers digest romantic serenades
  • The artwork is green and up cycled
  • Very unexpected music scene gift for that hard to buy for person
  • The circular Record on the wall Will stand out
  • It's great for the environment to support green recycled art
  • Can fit in many spots that most things can't like windowsills and door jams
  • Your guess are going to notice the Vinyl records on your wall
  • Regular 12in size



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