Music gifts for him musician wearing TV on his head

music gifts for him: TV Headed Musician Gameboy Music [ on a VINYL RECORD ] #14

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Tv Head Gameboy Tunes

music gifts for him

This is an image of a very incredible music show that was hosted in a basement

To put in perspective the sounds that were echoing from the stage think Nintendo game music meets electric guitars

As much as the keyboards and electric guitars were used in the creation of this music Game boys were pumping out chippy beats from there modified soundboards.

The songs formed from hard-hitting Beats and heavy electric guitars to Droney ambient keyboard sounds.


The rendition of “Build Me Up Buttercup” kept things unexpected and closed the set in perfect manner.

Things to notice - music gifts for him

A close look at the lighting on the basement stage for the performer music gifts for him

Scattered light

Look at the different Music equipment in the photo

Dark amps and bright Instruments

A close look at the record artifacts with in the guitar and keyboard amps

Groovy Amps

Look at how this image portrays a very laid-back yet rock'n roll mood

Chill Rockin’ Roll

The wall is a good place to hang them up! Canvas command strips work well as do record frames!

  • Fits in many small spaces and having a couple of them can creat wall decor in any directions, vertical, horizontal diagonal
  • Details are sharp and the vinyl art pops!
  • Its not that often you find art on circular canvases.. a unique peice
  • As your walls change so can your record wall. the records are small and adding to the collection can fill different spaces.
  • Upcycled materials make the artwork Green!
  • The records will be noticed.. wait and see your guests reaction to them.
  • Its very unlikely that this gift will be expected. Noone else does this.
  • Intimate inspiring art with a minimalist eye catching presentation.
  • Play the Back! super silly opera and goofy romance music coming your way!
  • music gifts for him
  • The record is your standard 12 in record.
  • Other records with a similar feel ... go for it you only live once!



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