Blown Speaker music bedroom decor in black and white

music bedroom decor: Blown Speaker [ on a VINYL RECORD ] #54

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 Duct tape fixes blown speakers right?

music bedroom decor

Friend of mine has a studio with a lot of vintage gear some of it great some of it not so great

but it all looks cool

He's been carrying around these workers that look like they date around late 80s

At one point in must've blown


NOTHING a little taped can't fix !

Stuff to Notice - music bedroom decor

A look at the natural lighting on the music bedroom decor up close

Natural Lighting

The specifics of the texture of the different materials used to create the speaker in this art

Sharp texture in The details

A look at how the ripples on the speaker flow along with the grooves on the record in this art

Go with the flow

To look at the grungy urban mood of this music decor

Dope grungy urban art

blown speakers look dope on the wall

  • The emphasis on detail produced a very authentic looking speaker
  • What's cooler than old-school music gear?
  • Use command strips for record frames hang them up
  • Unique different art with a minimalist presentation and a modern field
  • The b-side plays silly things like readers digest romantic music or maybe Christmas jingles.. its a surprise what horrible sounds will come off this disc.
  • Upcycled materials make the artwork Green!
  • Unexpected gift. They could never anticipate this. Its completely original
  • Different origonal circular photo thats stands out anywhere
  • reprposed art is great for the environment. Feel good about your new art.
  • Due to its small 12 inch size its fits almost anywhere.
  • People are going to notice the dope records on your wall - Music bedroom decor, Music studio art
  • Regular 12in size



Ill Take It!!


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