Goth decor of a skeleton on a vinyl record

goth decor: Skeleton Riding A Vinyl Record [ on a VINYL RECORD ] #34

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Our Bones

goth decor

Took this photo in a fossil museum

What was incredible about this exhibit is all the fossils were lifelike poses

The fossils where attacking each and crawling up walls and such

Is was a pretty amazing spectacle see


My inner five-year-old started to freak out so I snapped some pics.

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Things to notice - goth decor

A look at the lonely skeleton in the image

Straight to the Point

A look at the very detailed bones of The fossil

Detail is key

A look at the clarity of the fossil on the musical canvas goth decor

A skeleton on a record for sure

A close look at the human side of the skeleton

the Bones


  • Fits in many small spaces and having a couple of them can creat wall decor in any directions, vertical, horizontal diagonal
  • Details are sharp and the vinyl art pops!
  • Its not that often you find art on circular canvases.. a unique peice
  • As your walls change so can your record wall. the records are small and adding to the collection can fill different spaces.
  • Upcycled materials make the artwork Green!
  • The records will be noticed.. wait and see your guests reaction to them.
  • Its very unlikely that this gift will be expected. Noone else does this.
  • Intimate inspiring art with a minimalist eye catching presentation.
  • Play the Back! super silly opera and goofy romance music coming your way!
  • goth decor
  • The record is your standard 12 in record.
  • Other records with a similar feel ... go for it you only live once!



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