photograph of a band room drum room and jam space containing acoustic guitars electric guitars drums and keyboards that is a great gifts for music lovers

gifts for music lovers: Drum / Jam Room print [ on a Vinyl Record ] #53

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A really cool mill Jam Space

gifts for music lovers

The drummer in the photos solution to checking if he had a concussion was to see if he could keep rhythm

Often when Im back in my hometown I hand at my friends Jam / Studio -mill space

One night we were all hanging around talking and one of my buddies got up to get some fresh air.

After he turned the corner we heard a THUD!

We went to investigate to find my our buddy on the floor.. he passed out!

He came to and we got him on the couch. He was clearly out of it. He cracked his tooth and was bleeding from his lip too.


We all joined in and started to jam?


He later said he was checking to see if he was ok and would know everything was all good if he could still keep rhythm...

He could still drum so he was fine.

Interesting Things to Check Out - gifts for music lovers

detailed look at the vinyl art gift of contrast betwwen lights and shadows

The Natual Lighting source

close look at what makes the gift pop showing music gear aoustic guitars and amps in photography

A look at the Contrast

An in depth look at the decor showing the grooves in the window panes

The Grooves in The Windows

Analysis of the overall feel of this black and white vinyl record art depicting a Toyota camper

Nice Vibes

Jam Space Band Room gifts gfor music lovers

  • The wall is a good place to hang them up! Canvas command strips work well as do record frames!
  • Fits in many small spaces and having a couple of them can creat wall decor in any directions, vertical, horizontal diagonal
  • Details are sharp and the vinyl art pops!
  • Its not that often you find art on circular canvases.. a unique peice
  • As your walls change so can your record wall. the records are small and adding to the collection can fill different spaces.
  • Upcycled materials make the artwork Green!
  • The records will be noticed.. wait and see your guests reaction to them.
  • Its very unlikely that this gift will be expected. Noone else does this.
  • Intimate inspiring art with a minimalist eye catching presentation.
  • Play the Back! super silly opera and goofy romance music coming your way!
  • The record is your standard 12 in record.



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