Black and White wall art of a Toyota Sunrader printed onto a repurposed Vinyl Record - Lost Life On Wax Artwork

black and white wall art: Toyota Camper photo [ on a Vinyl Record ] #43

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Toyota Camper NYC

black and white wall art

The first time my Toyota Sunrader saw New York City

There is a camper party going on in there!

I played a music show at a club in Harlem on this day.

A friend of mine came to the show and told me after she has a comedy set in china town later that night.

Myself and the other band I was touring with made our way to China Town to catch her show that night.

We arrived and we were a bit early


One of my primary reasons for searching out this Toyo Camper is its quite short and can park anywhere a normal car can park.. even on the side of the road in Manhatten


After cramming all 5 members of the other band in there and having some drinks and playing music on the side of the road in NYC. We stumbled into the comedy show and rooted on our friend who killed it that night.


Things to Notice - black and white wall art

Close up look at the light flairs on the black and white vinyl record art

the Light Flairs are Interesting

Vivid look and the details in the wall art depicting a toyota sundrader in New York City

Spots of Detail

Analysis of the overall feel of this black and white wall art vinyl record depicting a Toyota camper

how the Record Effects things

Analysis of the overall feel of this black and white vinyl record art depicting a Toyota camper

Overall Feel

Urban Nighttime black and white wall art

  • Grungy, Urban Photo recording studio decor
  • Hang them on up! Command strips work great. Record frames too!
  • Regular old 12 inch vinyl record fits in many small spaces and in any directions, vertical, horizontal diagonal
  • High contrast and vivid detail is very eye catching!
  • Very different circular minimal wall art that stands out and inspires.
  • Over time you can add to your collection and fill different walls making them adaptable if you move them into different rooms and spaces.. cover the wall behind your couch or the small spaces above your windows
  • Made with recycled materials! Eco friendly. Keep it green.
  • People will notice the cool records hanging on your wall!
  • A completely unexpected gift idea for that hard to shop for person.
  • ts modern urban hip art. something different
  • The record is your standard 12 in record.



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