black and white art prints of a man carrying his small dog while riding a bicycle

black and white art prints: Man Carries Dog on Bicycle [ on a VINYL RECORD ] #29

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Doggy Bike Ride

black and white art prints

Caught this photo while hopping on the freeway somewhere in Missouri

Just thought it was an interesting scene

I only had a few seconds to grab this shot as they where going in the opposite direction as me

This shot wouldn’t exist if I didn’t approach the photography the way I do.


Camera needs to be ready to shoot at all times or else moments like this disappear.

Things to notice - black and white art prints

Looking at the shadows in the print and how there is much detail to be seen

The Shadows

A look at the detail in the print in particular how the smallest subject the dog was clearly shown

Doggy Details

A look at how the record grooves in the black and white art prints influence the shadowy woods

Tracks in the Forest

Photo of a man riding a bike with a little dog in his arms

Mans Best Friend

The wall is a good place to hang them up! Canvas command strips work well as do record frames!

  • Fits in many small spaces and having a couple of them can creat wall decor in any directions, vertical, horizontal diagonal
  • Details are sharp and the vinyl art pops!
  • Its not that often you find art on circular canvases.. a unique peice
  • As your walls change so can your record wall. the records are small and adding to the collection can fill different spaces.
  • Upcycled materials make the artwork Green!
  • The records will be noticed.. wait and see your guests reaction to them.
  • Its very unlikely that this gift will be expected. Noone else does this.
  • Intimate inspiring art with a minimalist eye catching presentation.
  • Play the Back! super silly opera and goofy romance music coming your way!
  • black and white art prints
  • The record is your standard 12 in record.
  • Other records with a similar feel ... go for it you only live once!



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